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strategy package:
  • One Guided Inner Journeys Sessions.
  • ​​​One Vision Statement Session.
  • ​​Three Strategy Sessions.
  • ​​​​One Goals Session.
  • ​​One KPI's Session.
  • 7,000
* Delivered in one day or 1 hr x twice a week for 1 month
growth package:
  • 48 Confidential Consulting Sessions.
  •  ​​Grow Your Business(es).
  • ​​Multiply your wealth & money.
  • Customized Work For Your Needs.
    (Website, Funnels and Ads)
  • 50,000
* Delivered in one week or 2hrs x twice a week for 3 months or 2hrs x once a week for 6 months.
Legacy Package:
  • 72 Confidential Consulting Sessions.
  • Refine & Scale Your Business(es) & Legacy.
  • ​​​Multiply your wealth & money.
  • ​Customized Work For Your Needs.
    (Website, Funnels and Ads)
  • 75,000
* Delivered in two weeks or 2hrs x twice a week for 6 months or 2hrs x once a week for 12 months.

" I was blessed to experience Nathalie's program. The work that she did was basically teaching entrepreneurship. But it was very different than any other entrepreneurship program that I've been involved in. And I've taught some and I've been experiencing some. What was so important about this program was that it was a multi-dimensional teaching. It includes spiritual, exercises, teaching, knowledge, movement, etc. Every type. So it is more like teaching the journey of life through entrepreneurship. And it was a wonderful experience. I want to recommend this program to everyone that sees this recommendation. 

- Jimmy Delshad
Two-time mayor of Beverly Hills

We at CSULA are honored to have best-selling author Nathalie Virem teach our MBA Entrepreneurship program. Her book ‘Live With Purpose: Creating Positive, Lasting Change‘ and online entrepreneurship program are an essential part of the curriculum.

- Dr. Stephen McGuire
Director of Graduate Studies, College of Business and Economics, California State University LA

 ” Nathalie is forging the way for thought leaders and social entrepreneurs that will be able to make a difference in the world when they follow her entrepreneurial framework. 

- Mark Lack
Founder of ShortenTheGap, Host of BusinessRockstars

I have been looking for something. And I’ve done my research, and I’ve looked for multiple business programs... And I didn’t want to go to college for it but I knew I needed something to advance my purpose. And I found it! Nathalie was able to consolidate all her experience into six modules and merge spiritual business with actual practical business. So, there is no program out there right now that is actually merging both and gives you the important content. ” 

- Dominique Ellis Perez
Founder Ellis in LA
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  •  Find Out How to Create Your Business Step-By-Step
  • ​Gain Clarity & Align Your Business Vision
  • ​Discover How To Bring Your Vision To Life
  • ​Experience How To Expand Your Mindset
  • ​Understand How To Take Massive Action
  • ​Grow Your Expertise and Intuitive Gifts
  • ​Strengthen Your Brand & positioning in the market
  • ​Know-How To Find The Network You Need To Succeed
  • ​Learn to Monetize Your Business & Create Wealth
  • ​Detect How To Proof Your Business To Work in Any Economy
  • ​Set Up A Proven Business Model
  • ​Identify How To Scale & Sustain Your Business Over Time
  • ​Understand How To Start A Legacy
  • ​Grasp How To Have A Bigger Impact in The World
  • ​Have Less Regrests
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